Previous Events

Some of the presentations from our past seminars can be accessed by clicking the links below:

2016 Seminar “Setting the Standards”

Sue Brand (Natural Area) – WA Bushfire Planning Policies & Guidelines – What does it mean for Compliance?

Dr Linda Broadhurst (CSIRO) – Restoration in a Changing World

Dr Mark Brundrett (DPAW) – Restoring Banksia Woodland Part 1  Restoring Banksia Woodland Part 2

Kerryn Chia (UWA/BGPA) – A long term approach to solving the germination mystery of Persoonia longifolia R. Br.

Geoff Cockerton (Western Botanical) – Seed Collection to Maximise Biodiversity within a Threatened Ecological Community

David Collins (Greening Australia) – Revegetation by Stealth – Re-introducing Biodiversity into hostile territory

Mark Dobrowolski (Iluka) – Innovation in Revegetating after Mineral Sands Mining

Dr Todd Erickson (BGPA) – A synthesis of seed-based restoration research in the desert – the Pilbara Seed Atlas and beyond

Damian Grose (Tranen) – Differing Standards for Rehabilitation Success across the greater Perth Metropolitan Area

David Hancock (Natural Area) – Standards for Restoration Plant Stock – Buyer Beware!

Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA) – Does climate adjusted seed sourcing produce better restoration outcomes over local seed? Insights from provenance trials

Dr Tein McDonald (SERA) – National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia: How will they work?

Dr Markus Mikli (RIAWA) – Seminar Introduction and Native Seed Accreditation System

Matthew Oswald (Gateway WA) – Gateway WA Project – Lessons learnt and opportunities beyond business as usual

Kat Sambrooks (DWG) – Working toward Phytophthora Dieback Standards in Revegetation

Katina Strelein (Astron) – Remote Sensing for Rehabilitation Monitoring and Weed survey

Luke Sweedman (BGPA) – Making Quality Conservation Seed Collections in Remote Areas Part 1

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Wayne van Lieven (City of Gosnells) – Weeding out the Amateurs

Tim Zwiersen (Ecotypic) – Rehabilitation of a semi-arid zone heavy metal mineral sand mine in Wetern NSW

2014 Seminar “Revegetating the Future”

Urban Bushland & Fire Management – Sue Brand (Natural Area)

Seed Quality vs Quantity & Value for Money – Geoff Cockerton/Alice Quarmby (Western Botanical)

Shade, Shelter & Fodder – David Collins (Greening Australia WA)

Emerging Pathogens in the Revegetation Industry – Colin Crane (DPAW)

Climate Trends & Projections for WA – Ian Foster (Depart of Agriculture & Food)

Using Seed Production to Enhance Restoration Outcomes – Dr Paul Gibson-Roy (Greening Australia)

PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3

Phytophthora Dieback Management – Joe Grehan (Terratree)

Melaleuca Park Offset Experience – Damian Grose (Tranen)

Improving Accuracy & Efficiency in Rehabilitation Monitoring – Renee Hartley  (Astron)

Landform Design for Revegetation Success – Rory Haymont (Trajectory)

Phosphorus Nutrition of Phosphorus-sensitive Australian Native Plants – Prof Hans Lambers (UWA)

Bushfire Risk Management and how it affects Revegetation Design – Geoffrey Lush (Town Planning Management Engineering) & Dr Markus Mikli (Ecoscape)

Woodland & Landscape Relationships – Nathan McQuoid

Restoring a Coastal Banksia/Tuart Woodland – Veronica Newbury (BGPA)

Mine Development Weed Hygiene & Management – Anna-Marie Penna (Calibre)

Key Drivers for Rehabilitation Success in the Pilbara – Adam Pratt (Soilwater Group)

Rehabilitation of Mine Sites in WA – Dr Danielle Risbey (DMP)

Closure Planning at the Nifty Copper Mine Site – Michael Robinson, Rhona Wardman (Birla Nifty) & Peter Golos (BGPA)

The Cooljarloo Experience – Nick Sibbel (Tronox)

Sowing the Seeds for Success – Brad Stokes (BHP Billiton)

Seed Accreditation Project Launch – David Venning (RIAWA)

Systems Approach to Reliable Direct Sowing of Native Plants – Dr Geoff Woodall (UWA)

Reference Books

Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia – Edited by Hans Lambers

Lifting the Bonnet on Wheatbelt Woodlands – Nathan McQuoid

2009 Seminar “Revegetation Challenges & Solutions”

Copies of these presentations are available on CD for $5 on request to:

2007 Workshop

Getting the revegetation framework right – Doug Blandford (DC Blandford & Associates) 0.1Mb

Plant Patterning across the Swan Coastal Plain – Chris Ferreira (Landcare Solutions) 4.7Mb

Restoring vegetation in degraded wetlands.pdf – Denise Crosbie (Cockburn Wetlands Centre) 3.7Mb

A history of land degradation and landcare in WA – Chris Ferreira (Landcare Solutions) 1.7Mb

Mine closure plan guidelines – Suellen Davy (DoIR) 0.4Mb

Topsoil management for revegetation – Dr John Koch(Alcoa World Alumina) 1.9Mb

Landforming – the Telfer journey – Malcolm Wealleans (Newcrest Mining Ltd) 1.9Mb

Monitoring with purpose – linking it to completion – Dr David Jasper (Outback Ecology) 1.8Mb

Rehabilitation management across Pilbara Iron – Chantal Latham (Pilbara Iron Pty Ltd) 1.6Mb