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2021 Seminar “The Revegetation Cycle” 

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Session 2 – Planning

Session 3 – Picking

Session 4 – Propagating


Session 1 – Keynote and Forum

Session 2 – Preparing

Session 3 – Planting

Session 4 – Post Revegetation

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Previous Events

2018 Seminar “Revegetating the Regions”

Presentations may be downloaded from the links below when available:

Dr Ken Atkins (DBCA) – Development of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulations

Sam Atkinson (Astron) – Rehabilitation Monitoring Using Drones and Remote Sensing – Case Studies, Field Validation and Lessons Learned

Keith Bradby (Gondwana Link) – From Revegetation to Restoration in Gondwana Link

Dr Mark Brundrett (DBCA) – Key Findings of the Banksia Woodland Restoration Project

Mark Dobrowolski (Iluka) –  Practice Improvements in Kwongan of the Mid West

Mathew Gannaway (DWER) – New Guidelines to Preparing Revegetation Plans for Clearing Permits

Dr Peter Golos (BGPA) – Identification of vegetation community with the potential to revegetate mine wastes at the Nifty mine site, Great Sandy Desert, WA

Stacey Gregory (Mine Earth) –  Revegetation of the Pardoo mine: planning to execution to monitoring

Alan Grist & Tim Batt (Main Roads WA) – Main Roads WA Coalfields Highway Projects Roadside Revegetation Management

Damian Grose (Tranen) – Melaleuca Park Offset

Matthew Hamilton (Mt Gibson Mining) – The Large Scale Translocation of Two Declared Rare Flora Species at the Mt Gibson Ranges

Barry Heydenrych  (Greening Australia WA) – Scaling up restoration, scaling down costs: an examination of direct seeding and its role in landscape-scale restoration in the Great Southern, WA

Lisa McCreery (Chatfields Tree Nursery) – Seed is our Gold

Dr Markus Mikli (RIAWA) – Welcome and RIAWA Progress Update

Greg Overton (Cristal Mining) –  From Blue Gum Monoculture to Biodiverse Wetland

Tony Pekin & Alan Savage (Nurture Revegetation) – Pelleted seeds as an improved method for application of native Australian seeds in an arid environment, with an example from Jundee gold mine in Murchison of WA

Dr Danielle Risbey (DMIRS) – Regulating Rehabilitation on Mine Sites in WA

Vanja Sekizovic (Minjar Gold) – Rehabilitation review of waste landforms at Southern Cross Operations Part 1 & Part 2

Matt Vinkovich (Natural Area) – Wentworth West Wetlands

Kylie Weatherall (Environs Kimberley) & Devena Cox (Nyul Nyul Rangers) –  Revegetating Mayi Budan – working with Aboriginal Ranger groups to restore endangered Monsoon Vine Thickets of the Dampier peninsula

Tai White-Toney (University of Notre Dame) – Variable Establishment of Jarrah and Marri following Bauxite Mining

Kim Wilson (Peel-Harvey Catchment Council) – Tuart Woodland Restoration – a community-led, partnership approach

Ray Wilson (Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund) – Opportunities for Biodiverse Sandalwood Reforestation through Carbon Farming

Sundowner December 2017

15 Committee and members attended our Christmas Sundowner at the Vic Hotel on 18 December 2017.

It was greatly enjoyed so we hope to see more members at our next one planned in 2018.

2016 Seminar “Setting the Standards”

Sue Brand (Natural Area) – WA Bushfire Planning Policies & Guidelines – What does it mean for Compliance?

Dr Linda Broadhurst (CSIRO) – Restoration in a Changing World

Dr Mark Brundrett (DPAW) – Restoring Banksia Woodland Part 1  Restoring Banksia Woodland Part 2

Kerryn Chia (UWA/BGPA) – A long term approach to solving the germination mystery of Persoonia longifolia R. Br.

Geoff Cockerton (Western Botanical) – Seed Collection to Maximise Biodiversity within a Threatened Ecological Community

David Collins (Greening Australia) – Revegetation by Stealth – Re-introducing Biodiversity into hostile territory

Mark Dobrowolski (Iluka) – Innovation in Revegetating after Mineral Sands Mining

Dr Todd Erickson (BGPA) – A synthesis of seed-based restoration research in the desert – the Pilbara Seed Atlas and beyond

Damian Grose (Tranen) – Differing Standards for Rehabilitation Success across the greater Perth Metropolitan Area

David Hancock (Natural Area) – Standards for Restoration Plant Stock – Buyer Beware!

Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA) – Does climate adjusted seed sourcing produce better restoration outcomes over local seed? Insights from provenance trials

Dr Tein McDonald (SERA) – National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia: How will they work?

Dr Markus Mikli (RIAWA) – Seminar Introduction and Native Seed Accreditation System

Matthew Oswald (Gateway WA) – Gateway WA Project – Lessons learnt and opportunities beyond business as usual

Kat Sambrooks (DWG) – Working toward Phytophthora Dieback Standards in Revegetation

Katina Strelein (Astron) – Remote Sensing for Rehabilitation Monitoring and Weed survey

Luke Sweedman (BGPA) – Making Quality Conservation Seed Collections in Remote Areas Part 1

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Wayne van Lieven (City of Gosnells) – Weeding out the Amateurs

Tim Zwiersen (Ecotypic) – Rehabilitation of a semi-arid zone heavy metal mineral sand mine in Wetern NSW

2014 Seminar “Revegetating the Future”

Urban Bushland & Fire Management – Sue Brand (Natural Area)

Seed Quality vs Quantity & Value for Money – Geoff Cockerton/Alice Quarmby (Western Botanical)

Shade, Shelter & Fodder – David Collins (Greening Australia WA)

Emerging Pathogens in the Revegetation Industry – Colin Crane (DPAW)

Climate Trends & Projections for WA – Ian Foster (Depart of Agriculture & Food)

Using Seed Production to Enhance Restoration Outcomes – Dr Paul Gibson-Roy (Greening Australia)

PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3

Phytophthora Dieback Management – Joe Grehan (Terratree)

Melaleuca Park Offset Experience – Damian Grose (Tranen)

Improving Accuracy & Efficiency in Rehabilitation Monitoring – Renee Hartley  (Astron)

Landform Design for Revegetation Success – Rory Haymont (Trajectory)

Phosphorus Nutrition of Phosphorus-sensitive Australian Native Plants – Prof Hans Lambers (UWA)

Bushfire Risk Management and how it affects Revegetation Design – Geoffrey Lush (Town Planning Management Engineering) & Dr Markus Mikli (Ecoscape)

Woodland & Landscape Relationships – Nathan McQuoid

Restoring a Coastal Banksia/Tuart Woodland – Veronica Newbury (BGPA)

Mine Development Weed Hygiene & Management – Anna-Marie Penna (Calibre)

Key Drivers for Rehabilitation Success in the Pilbara – Adam Pratt (Soilwater Group)

Rehabilitation of Mine Sites in WA – Dr Danielle Risbey (DMP)

Closure Planning at the Nifty Copper Mine Site – Michael Robinson, Rhona Wardman (Birla Nifty) & Peter Golos (BGPA)

The Cooljarloo Experience – Nick Sibbel (Tronox)

Sowing the Seeds for Success – Brad Stokes (BHP Billiton)

Seed Accreditation Project Launch – David Venning (RIAWA)

Systems Approach to Reliable Direct Sowing of Native Plants – Dr Geoff Woodall (UWA)

Reference Books

Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia – Edited by Hans Lambers

Lifting the Bonnet on Wheatbelt Woodlands – Nathan McQuoid

2009 Seminar “Revegetation Challenges & Solutions”

Copies of these presentations are available on CD for $5 on request to:

2007 Workshop

Getting the revegetation framework right – Doug Blandford (DC Blandford & Associates) 0.1Mb

Plant Patterning across the Swan Coastal Plain – Chris Ferreira (Landcare Solutions) 4.7Mb

Restoring vegetation in degraded wetlands.pdf – Denise Crosbie (Cockburn Wetlands Centre) 3.7Mb

A history of land degradation and landcare in WA – Chris Ferreira (Landcare Solutions) 1.7Mb

Mine closure plan guidelines – Suellen Davy (DoIR) 0.4Mb

Topsoil management for revegetation – Dr John Koch(Alcoa World Alumina) 1.9Mb

Landforming – the Telfer journey – Malcolm Wealleans (Newcrest Mining Ltd) 1.9Mb

Monitoring with purpose – linking it to completion – Dr David Jasper (Outback Ecology) 1.8Mb

Rehabilitation management across Pilbara Iron – Chantal Latham (Pilbara Iron Pty Ltd) 1.6Mb